Scott and Tamara MacKenzie (Dec 13, 2017)

The purchase of the new house and sale of the old house has certainly been a journey.  Not an easy one. There were lots of obstacles and pitfalls along the way.  That is where you come in.  Without your assistance through the buying and selling process we would have certainly made many errors that would have cost us time and money.  Your guidance through the new home buying process allowed us to get into our dream house.  The greater challenge you faced was the sale of our old house in a relatively slow market.  That is the point when you shined.  You worked hard to bring people in to look at the property, you coached us to be patient and wait for a fair offer, and you helped usher along a smooth transfer of ownership. Thank you for your time and effort Catherine.  I would recommend you to friends who are looking for a realtor to help them work with new home builders as well as the sale of their house.


Testimonial by Lance Keath (Dec 3, 2017)

Catherine I would like to take this time to thank you for all your help in finding the house I was looking for. We looked at so many, you fought hard to negotiate the price and made sure any small details were looked after. You helped me find a great lawyer and inspector, also you and your team answered all questions that I had. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family thanks again.  


Testimonial by Carley Walls & Jesse Gamble (Aug 8, 2017)

“We chose Catherine to be our real estate agent because my cousin Kirsten, who worked as her assistant, recommended her. I met Catherine at Kirsten’s baby shower and could tell that she was someone that I would get along with. Catherine made everything very easy to understand right from our first meeting. We had never talked to a real estate agent before and did not know anything about how buying real estate worked. She made it extremely straight forward for us first time buyers. She also gave us a great book that explained the steps of buying a house. This was easy to refer to when we were wondering what to do next in regards to the buying process. The best thing that Catherine did to help us buy our first home was explaining every detail every step of the way. We received many phone calls and texts with updates and instructions that helped to direct us through the process. Although we had never even looked at buying homes before, we felt knowledgeable and never felt like we did not know what was happening next. There really is a lot that goes into buying a home that we had no idea about, but she made everything very straightforward, which made us feel at ease. Before we had looked into buying a home, we had browsed online at what goes into the process, which left us feeling stressed and unsure. Catherine helped to guide us every step of the way. I have already recommended Catherine to a few friends who plan on buying their first homes in the next few years! Catherine is amazing and we had such a worry-free and great time working with her!”


Testimonial by Shannon Homeniuk (Aug 8, 2017)

“Catherine is amazing to deal with!!! My husband and I had the opportunity to deal with her for our own purchase and sale, and were so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism that we asked her to help my elderly parents down size and relocate to Alberta. We have met quite a few real estate agents over the years and she is so unique because she is so kind and genuine. Buying/Selling and searching for a perfect place is so stressful, and Catherine makes you feel like she is in it with you and right beside you every step of the way – which makes it way less stressful. She really makes the search easy and is in constant contact with properties that fit your wish list! Catherine and her assistant were available for anything we needed or any questions we had no matter how small, all along they way – and she always got back to us in record time. Catherine has made me and my family life long clients!”


Testimonial by Mike Brown (Aug 16, 2017)

“I put my rooming house up for sale because I was retiring. Catherine did almost everything for me as I was quite ill at the time, she even picked me up to meet potential buyers. She was honest and told me that this would be a hard property to sell. I never doubted that she would sell it as she worked hard and diligently to make the sale. She followed up to see if everything was being addressed by my Lawyer and contacted me when everything was settled. If you want a dynamic realtor, you would find Catherine energized and competent. I’d recommend her to anyone!”


Testimonial by Sandra Colton (Oct 3, 2017)

Over the years I have worked with a number of realtors and have never been as happy as I have been with Catherine. Every phone call or email was returned within the same business day and usually within the hour. As an out of town investor, I described what I was looking for, the area that was of interest, and the price range. She was quick to compile a list for me of only the properties that met my requirements. She helped me with finding a building inspector that was not only good but also affordable. She answered all my questions in a way that I understood. In my case all viewings were done but a third party. She needed to work with his schedule and keep me informed of everything that was happening. She made a point to tell me which one the other person like the best. Catherine handled all the paperwork efficiently, made sure the lawyer had everything he needed and I had everything I needed to complete the deal. But she didn’t quit there. She went out of her way to make and send me a video of the place, something I greatly appreciate. I would not hesitate in recommending Catherine to my friends and family.


Testimonial by Dave Thachuk  (Oct 10, 2017)

Anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the Capilano area should look no further than Catherine Hunt as their Re/Max Agent. After guessing at realtor signs as to who I wanted to use for selling my home in Gold Bar, I luckily stumbled upon Catherine at an Open House. Instantly you see the passion, knowledge and professionalism in Catherine. She grew up there, went to school there and still resides in Capilano. No one knows the area better. Her positive spins on the negative, the focusing on the positive and her strive to get you the best pricing is what impressed me the most. Communication and the videos were top notch as well. Catherine made a tough decision a good experience!


Testimonial by Roderic Patton (Oct 13, 2017)

I initially contacted Catherine to list my home because I was impressed with the aesthetic and professional appearance of her mail out brochure. However, after our first meeting I was convinced that we were communicating on the same wave length. We went through my home together and made up a list of the things that I could do to help her help me both facilitate the sale and get an above average asking price due to some of the unique features of my home. When it came time to list Catherine did a stellar job of communicating the value of my home via a professional video presentation, photography and mail out which included a thorough description of the many positive aspects of the home and the Gold Bar neighborhood. To anyone who may be thinking of buying or selling a home I highly recommend that you contact her.  My experience with the whole process leaves me with the opinion that Catherine is Honest, Dedicated and Highly Competent.